Welcome Farmers to Your Partner in Carbon Farming

We Put Farmers First!
CarbonTerra was founded by farmers for farmers. We are located in Canada’s agriculture heartland, giving us a strong understand of the history of farming in the country and generational practices used by farmers. We use our understanding of soil science and technology-leading protocols to maximize the ROI in sustainable regenerative farming practices, by creating quality carbon offsets, thus ensuring decarbonization of the agriculture industry.

What Kind of Farmer Are You?

Seed Crops

By simply adopting sustainable regenerative agriculture practices, you can have a direct impact on the amount of carbon locked into your soil, increasing its health, your crop yields and return on investment.


Grassland and pasture lands are extremely valuable carbon sinks and are attracting more carbon investment. Proper grassland management will add another return on investment as a land owner. 

Other Nature-based

Nature based carbon credits are quickly becoming the highest demand carbon credits. Shelter belts and forestry development will track carbon investment and create bio-diversity to your land. 

We Work For Carbon Neutral Farming

CarbonTerra works to quantify carbon footprint from agriculture, and assist farmers in making informed decisions to maximize their ROI on sustainable agricultural practices, thus help build a climate-friendly, carbon-neutral agriculture ecosystem.

We partner with growers, encouraging permanence and sustainability with each offset generated. We plan to combine this traceability of the stored carbon with full farm carbon monitoring solutions to support carbon-quantified food production.

CarbonTerra partners with Canadian farmers and landowners to produce some of the highest quality removal offsets. In the process, we help simplify the monetization of carbon offsets with proven additionality, generational permanence, and science and technology leading protocols.

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