Welcome Farmers to Your Partner in Carbon Farming

We Put Farmers First!

CarbonTerra was founded by farmers for farmers. We are located in the hub of Canada’s agriculture heartland, giving us a strong understand of the history of farming in Canada, and generational practices used by farmers. We use understanding of soil science protocols to maximize the return on investment in sustainable regenerative farming practices to create quality agriculture carbon offsets.

What Kind of Farmer Are You?

Seed Crops

By simply adopting sustainable regenerative agriculture practices, you can have a direct impact on the amount of carbon locked into your soil, increasing its health, your crop yields and return on investment.


Grassland and pasture lands are extremely valuable carbon sinks and are attracting more carbon investment. Proper grassland management will add another return on investment as a land owner. 

Other Nature-based

Nature based carbon credits are quickly becoming the highest demand carbon credits. Shelter belts and forestry development will track carbon investment and create bio-diversity to your land. 

What is Our Role?

Minimize the Farmers Time Invested - Maximize the Return


We take stock on the current carbon sequestration practices that farmers have in place.

We provide protocols that help maximize carbon sequestration, including assistance with regenerative agriculture options.

We expedite the time required to administer the protocol by providing a simplified onboarding and registration process for farmers.


We collaborate with a data verifier to record and manage all data surrounding each individual carbon farming project.


We work with a carbon registry to create carbon credits based on carbon sequestration protocols.


We assist farmers by maximizing the return on carbon credit sales by collaborating with exchanges, investors, and emitters.

The Journey from
Sequestration to Retirement

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Why work with CarbonTerra?

CarbonTerra was founded and is located in the hub of Canada’s agriculture heartland, giving us an intimate understanding of the history of farming in Canada, as well as the generational practices used by farmers in our backyard. This extensive bank of knowledge enables us to choose proven protocols that maximize the return on investment for the farmer and provide quality nature-based carbon offsets for investor, every time.

Additionally, as a farmer-centric business, our processes have been optimized to reduce the farmers’ administration time and keep them focused on what they do best; climate-friendly agribusiness. We always empower growers to run their business with the best possible practices, as CarbonTerra only succeeds if our farmers do!
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