Our mission is to help build a climate-friendly, carbon-neutral agriculture ecosystem that enhance a farmer's ROI in sustainable agriculture practices.

Decarbonization of Agriculture

CarbonTerra was founded by farmers for farmers. We are committed to encouraging sustainability of agriculture sector through carbon-neutral practices. We believe that generational changes to farm management, along with integration of technology and modern science protocols, will lead to decarbonization of the agriculture industry.


Permanence and Sustainability

CarbonTerra partners with growers, encouraging permanence and sustainability with each offset generated.

Pedigreed Carbon Offsets
CarbonTerra utilizes the most reliable detection mechanism and world-class research to ensure that we aggregate only the highest-quality carbon offsets.
Maximizing Carbon Credit Returns
CarbonTerra works to maximize return on investment for carbon farming, leveraging efficiencies for the benefit of farmers.
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