Sustainable Agriculture by Incentivizing Carbon Management

Carbon-Neutral Ag Ecosystem

CarbonTerra enables carbon-neutral food production with technology solutions for farmers that simplifies the monetization of carbon offsets, and helps in building a climate-friendly, carbon-neutral agriculture ecosystem that ensures maximum return on investment in sustainable agriculture practices.

Contributing to UN Sustainability Development Goals

We Roll Up Our Sleeves and Get to Work For Farmers

CarbonTerra completes the loop of ag sustainability with proven additionality, generational permanence, science and technology leading protocols.

We Put Farmers First

CarbonTerra was founded by farmers for farmers. We put them first by incentivizing carbon management to keep soil healthy, thus maximizing their ROI on climate-friendly agriculture practices, and ensuring sustainability of agriculture industry through carbon-neutral practices.

Transparency and Traceability
Our science-proven protocols save farmers time; while innovative technology allows for information behind each offset generated to be stored on the blockchain, enabling transparency and traceability.
Additionality and Permanence

We work with Canadian farmers and landowners to produce some of the highest quality removal offsets – with proven additionality and generational permanence — by incorporating regenerative farming practices and leading agriculture technologies.


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